Sierra Steel Guitars in action

Sierra Steel Guitar Company is raising the bar for its pedal steel guitars. The Sierra team is developing a new vision of the pedal steel guitar and is setting out to refine and redefine the mechanical and aesthetic aspects of our products.

While the task may not be, our goal is simple; we want to make Sierra pedal steels better than ever!

Our pedal steels will remain out of production while we explore some new ideas and develop the new Sierra Pedal Steel guitar. We continue to offer our great 8-string Lap Steels. Check out the product section to learn more about these sweet sounding sliders.

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Ed & Tom

"I bought the Sierra Steel Guitar Co. so that I could continue to play Sierra Steel guitars. Now I am determined to create the best pedal steel guitar Sierra has ever made."
-Ed Littlefield, Jr. (Owner)

Replace those pesky plastic knobs on your old Sierra with our new aluminum anodized knobs.

I'm afraid time has run out on our free replacement knob offer, but the knobs are still available for $20.00 per set of 4. We assure you that you'll like these a whole lot more than the plastic ones that came on your guitar. These are far more comfortable to use than the plastic ones and there's no way you're going to break these suckers.

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